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Whether you are protecting your family or your business, trust law can be a complex and daunting topic. That is why it is essential to work with a trust lawyer who has both the skills and experience needed to provide reliable and effective legal advice.

At Lewis Kitson Lawyers, we provide advice and representation for a variety of different trust structures, including discretionary and testamentary trusts, unit trusts and superannuation laws. Our trust lawyers will work closely with you and can help you draft a trust deed, advise you on existing trust documents, and can assist with any family member disputes or breaches that may arise.

If you want to make sure that your family trust or other trust structures are legally sound and properly structured, get in touch with our trust lawyers today.

Trust Law


Lewis Kitson Lawyers offers comprehensive expertise in trust law. We have extensive expertise in drafting and setting up all manner of trusts, ensuring your family and business interests are safeguarded. Our team offers comprehensive guidance on trust law, from initial preparation to ongoing trustee responsibilities. If you need advice on trusts, schedule a consultation today to experience our personalised approach.

Family, Testamentary

and Unit Trusts

Our experienced team excels in representing clients across a broad spectrum of trust and family asset protection services. We can assist with drafting, negotiating, and providing legal advice and representation in relation to Family Trusts, Unit Trusts, and Testamentary Trusts. Whether you need to modify or review existing trust documents, replace trustees, or require guidance on trust deeds, disputes, or a breach of duty, we have you covered.

Asset Protection

Trust Deeds & Disputes

Protecting your family or business assets is paramount. Whether you require assistance with drafting a trust deed or supplemental deed, advice on existing trust documents, or resolution of family disputes and breaches, our skilled trust lawyers offer advice on various trust structures and effective legal guidance. Contact our trust lawyers today to secure your assets and protect your interests.

Reach out to Lewis Kitson Lawyers

At Lewis Kitson Lawyers, we have wide-ranging experience in trusts law. We understand that setting up a trust can be complex, so we work closely with our clients to ensure that their interests and those of their family members are protected.

Our team can advise on all aspects of trust law and documentation, from initial preparation and negotiation to ongoing trustee obligations. Our trust lawyers will discuss your individual needs to provide appropriate advice on the best course of action for your situation.

Whether you are interested in creating a trust structure for your family or business or need legal guidance to navigate the complexities of superannuation and trust law, please get in touch with our team today.

Lewis Kitson Lawyers have significant experience representing clients in a wide range of trust and family asset protection services and, for example, can assist with:

  • Drafting, negotiating, and the provision of legal advice concerning Family Trusts, Unit Trusts, and Testamentary Trusts.
  • Varying trust documents and removing and replacing trustees, appointors, and guardians.
  • Advice and legal representation in relation to trust deeds, disputes, and breaches of duty.


Claire Mackie
Claire Mackie

Our settlement was easy and the service very professional. I absolutely recommend Mr Kitson and the team.

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Morgan Bryan

Friendly efficient and cost effective service has made us a returning customer as we are now selling our house and have asked them to be our settlement agent. Highly recommended.

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John Morgan

Great dealing with these guys, made the whole settlement process easy and guided us along the way. was great having a team that really has your best interests in mind during the process. Couldn't recommend enough

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Marco Schirato

Great Service!! Aaron was really patient and extremely clear with the explanations. I highly recommend this firm!

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Paulina Smith

The most friendly, understanding, respectful and kind service. Highly recommend!

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