Aaron Kitson Director

Aaron Kitson, Director, Lewis Kitson Lawyers.

Aaron Kitson is a founding director of Lewis Kitson Lawyers and has over 12 years’ experience practicing as a lawyer. Prior to establishing Lewis Kitson Lawyers, Aaron was a partner of the firm Lewis Blyth & Hooper.

Aaron predominantly practices in the areas of estate planning, wills, probate and administration, deceased estate litigation, property law, leasing and more. Aaron has acted on behalf of many clients in will and estate disputes in the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

Aaron has a caring and compassionate approach to his work which helps him to guide his clients through what can be an emotional and challenging time. Aaron is committed to providing clear, focussed and cost-effective advice, achieving the best outcomes for his clients and works hard to ensure that his clients are supported and properly represented through the entire legal process.